We aim at increasing renewable energy , especially 100kW wind turbines , with help with international partners and manufacturers in Japan. The towers are made at Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture in Japan. We have a MOU with ATB group. ATB group has more than 100 years experience in hydro renewable energy and has been active since 1980s in the wind turbine market. The 'Three Owl Mark ': On your left , 'Kan chan' oversees the environment, in the center 'Bun chan ' manages the language service / travel guide service, and on the right 'On Chan' handles sound recording. We have been providing language services, especially French language lessons, and French language based tour guide (we are staffed with Japan Natinal Licensed staff ). Do you want to start French lessons ? Please contact us !
We aim to provide renewable energy systems which has less hazard level when a catastrophic situation ( such as earthquakes) would hit the site than nuclear systems. Renewable energy systems do have less burden on the earth compared to fossil fuel combustion based systems. We want to leave a better future , a better environment for the next generation , and be part of the effort of spreading renewable energy, and provide local content as much as possible : It is best to have local suppliers and local maintenance staff near the site, for local employment and also for the support of the maintenance and re-installation of systems when needed (less carbon emission during transport ).